Freecubes are utilized both as temporary and permanent event solutions inspired by simplicity, functionality and our passion for architecture.

Along with Freedomes event domes, the Freecubes complement our geometric family allowing you easily adapt the shape of the structure to match the event space available.

Every single element of the Freecube can be personalized providing endless possibilities of finishishing materials, colours and interior design.

Take advantage of this simple, yet surprisingly advanced and fully modular event structure.

the primary tool for creative event architects

Empowering, scalable, mobile and full of exciting possibilities.

  • Start with a ready-made floor plan...

    Get one of our predefined sets of freecubes modules, designed to match a variety of event types and rearrange them according to the unique needs of your projects.
    A single freecube starts at 9m2 of flooring area.

  • ...or get creative and make it your own.

    Choose each module and panel separately and create your own layout with an unmistakeable interior style. You can combine Freecubes modules and panels in different configurations to achieve new look for each project.

  • Create an individual look to match
    character of your event

    Choose from wide range of textured wall panels and raw materials to design captivating interiors with ease.

  • insulated panels with glossy or matt finish
  • glass with clear,frosted or color tint finish
  • backlight illuminated walls and ceilings
  • brushed aluminium
  • natural wooden boards
  • vintage bricks
  • membrane walls
  • bare concrete surfaces
  • many other options...

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